Five Self Care Tips for the New Year

Five Self Care Tips for the New Year

The new year is here and it’s already feeling like it is flying by. From resolutions, to-do lists, vision boards, and goal setting, there is an enormous amount of pressure we tend to put on ourselves at the beginning of the year. I get it! We want to start the year off on the right foot and make it even better than last year. However, if you’re like me having so many things on your to-do list can cause anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. When this happens it’s good to take a step back and practice a few self care tips.

Here are five self care tips for the new year:

Avoid looking at your phone when you first wake up. This is tough for many people, but it’s so beneficial. With so many to-do lists hanging over our heads, it can cause even more anxiety when we see or hear calendar and email alerts first thing in the morning. Take the time to grab some coffee, meditate, or even make your bed before grabbing your phone. Use that time before the day gets hectic to be without your phone.

Create a balanced diet. When you look good you feel good! If you can’t stick to every meal being a healthy one, at least try to commit to adding more fruits, vegetables and water to your daily routine. You would be so surprised how a healthy diet can help you think clearly and feel less stressed.

Sign up for a local class or lesson. This is one of my favorite self care tips! Trying something new is always a great way to refresh your routine and eliminate stress. There are so many local classes to try that won’t break the bank. From yoga, photography, or candle making, there is a class out there for everyone. Write down a few of your interests, then do a quick Google search to see what options pop up in your area.

Buy a new candle or body lotion. I’m a candle fanatic. There’s something about having a candle’s aroma floating throughout your house while you’re working or relaxing. It gives a sense of peace and calmness. This is also true for body lotion. Choose a scent that makes you feel good no matter when you put it on. Take your time when purchasing a new candle or body lotion to ensure it’s a scent that gives you a good vibe!

Practice gratitude. At the beginning of year we are always looking forward to what’s next and what’s to come. But, how many of us actually say thank you for how far we’ve already come? Be thankful for that new promotion, moving to your dream home, starting that new blog, or paying off one of your credit cards. Practicing gratitude isn’t always about major life milestones either. It’s about being thankful to be alive, your family, friends, and having a roof over your head! The more you practice being thankful, the more you learn to prioritize and not sweat the small stuff.

As 2019 moves ahead, be sure to practice self care when you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious. It will help you center yourself so that you can get back to your routine and productive schedule. Cheers to an amazing year!


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