Beauty Must Have’s: Caring for Your Skin During the Spring

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of receiving several beauty treatments at Queen City Beauty Group. I loved each service, as I counted down to my summer glow up. The treatments ranged from a LED and hydro facial to teeth whitening and chemical peels. My favorite treatment was dermaplaning and an oxygen facial. My skin is still glowing and I’m glad I received a proper exfoliation treatment from a professional. I saved the stories from each session in my Instagram highlights!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with skincare and the beauty industry. Growing up, I was in awe of my grandmother’s extensive collection of face creams, perfumes, and makeup. I am not a trained skin care professional, although I do dream of going back to school to become an esthetician and open my own medspa. That’s another conversation! Even though I’m not a professional, I’m usually the go-to source for friends and family when they have a skincare question or concern.

Now that spring is here, I got a few questions about skin care products to use during the warmer months. I personally believe the needs of our skin changes when we transition from winter to spring or summer to fall. To give professional feedback, I consulted with Queen City Beauty Group’s founder, Nichelle Mosley. Nichelle specializes in treating diverse skin tones and educating clients on maintaining results at home.  

LOVE TAMI: What are your skincare recommendations for transitioning into spring?

Nichelle: Spring clean your beauty routine! As spring approaches with new weather rolling in, an updated skin care routine should be on the horizon as well. Always double cleanse, especially at bedtime and swap your heavier moisturizers for something lighter. Also, exfoliation will be a key component for a healthy glow and luminosity.

LOVE TAMI: Are there any beauty services you recommend having done during this time of year?

Nichelle: Yes, one in particular is back facial treatments. It’s extremely hard to exfoliate and moisturize your back. Back facials allow us to treat problem areas that otherwise you may not be able to address. Dermaplaning is also a great facial, exfoliating treatment that helps maintain a healthy glow during the season.

LOVE TAMI: Why should women of color use sunscreen, although, many of us think we don’t need it?

Nichelle: As black women, we need to realize wearing a daily SPF is essential for maintaining skin health. I can’t sugar coat this; exposure can lead to cancer, however, it’s not wearing an SPF of 30+ that’s directly tied to hyperpigmentation. The majority of my clients come to see me for a more even skin tone. Wearing sunscreen consistently, definitely helps with this.

LOVE TAMI: Other than sunscreen, what are a few products that you recommend to your clients during this time of year?

Nichelle: A few of my personal favorites, and products that I offer to clients are:

GloBiotic by Lazy Queen Skincare-$50

This is a gel cream that helps smooth out expression lines and wrinkles with instant and long-term hydrators. It’s literally liquid gold.

Black Girl Sunscreen-$18

This is a great sunscreen for all skin types, but especially good for women of color! Provides sun protection while using natural ingredients.

The Queens Cloth-$10

This exfoliating cloth helps keep your skin looking polished and glowing. The Queens Cloth doubles as a makeup remover as well. Some exfoliating gloves can be extremely harsh on the skin. The Queens Cloth exfoliates while being gentle.

Glow Skincare Cold Roller-$24

I also recommend cold rolling. The cold effect helps reduce the appearance of pore size and puffiness. This cold roller was developed by a fellow esthetician, and is fantastic! I personally use this in the morning when I first wake up to brighten my under eye area and right after the gym because the coolness feels amazing.

Thanks again to Queen City Beauty Group for the amazing facials and telling us how to prepare for spring and summer. Be sure to visit Queen City Beauty Group’s website to learn about their VIP packages and memberships!

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