HUM Nutrition Mighty Night Review

Hum Nutrition Mighty reviewight R


Hey beauties! For the past few weeks I’ve been using the HUM Nutrition Mighty Night supplements. I received so many DM’s from my Instagram friends asking if they work or not. I decided to share a quick review and my thoughts on the supplements! Find out below if Mighty Night is worth it or not.


What is it?

Mighty Night is an overnight cell renewal for the skin and body. It helps skin cell turnover, improves texture and tone and promotes optimal sleep. The supplements are supposed to keep your skin hydrated and help you achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Key Ingredients

Ceramides, CoQ10, ferulic acid and valerian root


$40 for 60 vegan softgels, 30 day supply

Hum Nutrition Might Night review


My Review

It’s a little too early to tell if there are any benefits to my skin. However, I noticed an overall glow to my skin and I believe it’s from taking these supplements more consistently. As far as sleep goes, these supplements definitely helps me get a full night’s rest. I have trouble sleeping and noticed I get a restful night of sleep when I take Mighty Night. A few years ago, I tried a high dosage of melatonin and had really bad nightmares. That did not happen while taking this. I will say that I fall into a deep sleep, but it’s not hard to wake up in the morning. Overall, I will continue to use the supplements for help with sleeping and to see if I notice a significant difference in my skin.

The Verdict

I recommend trying these if you are in search of a supplement to help you sleep at night. The fact that Mighty Night also has the potential to help your skin, is an added bonus. If you have trouble winding down and staying asleep, these are definitely worth a try. As I mentioned earlier, it’s a litte too soon to tell if the supplements have caused a significant improvement to my skin. I do like the fact that these supplements offer potential benefits for my skin versus solely being a sleep aid. I recommend trying these to see how they work for you. Everyone is different!


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