Social Distancing: 6 At-Home Beauty Treatments


While we’re all home social distancing, now is the time to brush up on at-home beauty and personal care treatments. It’s a bizarre time that we’re living in, but hopefully taking care of yourself is still your top priority! For most of these at-home beauty treatments, you more than likely already have them in your kitchen or bathroom. You can use these beauty treatments for some much needed me time or a quick pick me up.


Face Mask

One of my favorite masks only needs two ingredients. Turmeric + Yogurt. I’ve talked about this at-home beauty treatment so much and love it. It helps to brighten the skin and is an anti-inflammatory. If you don’t have turmeric, try a yogurt and honey face mask. This is great for adding additional moisture and hydration into your skin.

DIY Lip Scrub

All natural lip scrubs are the perfect at-home beauty treatment for lip exfoliation. Regularly using a scrub helps to remove dead skin and plump your lips. I like using coconut oil, honey, and sugar as a scrub.

Pre-Shower Body Oil

This is my favorite thing to do for “me time”! I love to lather myself in coconut oil as a pre-shower body conditioner. I swear it helps my dry skin. Plus, it just feels amazing and luxurious to rub your favorite oil all over your body as a pre-shower routine.

Facial Massage

If you have a jade roller great, if not, just use your fingers! A facial massage helps relieve puffiness, tone, and lift the face. In the morning, I use my ring fingers and gently press outward around the eye area to help reduce puffiness.

DIY Body Wrap

When I feel really bloated, I use saran wrap and lotion around my stomach. Honestly, with social distancing, I’ve been eating more than I need to! The wrap helps me not feel as bloated. Usually I’ll wrap my waist trainer over the saran wrap and wear while cleaning up around the house.

Cellulite Scrub

Although, there’s no real cure for removing cellulite, there are things you can do to reduce it. Coffee grounds (caffeinated) are a great way to diminish the appearance of cellulite. Mix the coffee grounds with coconut oil and use while in the shower. This is a good way to exfoliate the body as well!


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