4 Tips on How to Get a Smaller Waist


Getting a smaller waist can be done in many ways. There’s genetics, surgery, or by doing it naturally. A lot of people ask me how I get my waist to be so small. A lot of it is genetics. But, once I hit the thirty club, I noticed that it’s getting harder to maintain. Below are 4 tips on how to get a smaller waist and what I do when I need to get mine back in order!

Lemon water– starting my day with lemon water helps kick-start my metabolism and cleanse my body. In the morning, heat up a cup of lemon water and drink it before you have breakfast. Green tea is also good to drink throughout the day because it promotes weight loss and has other healthy benefits. If you can stomach it, apple cider vinegar is also great for the digestive system.

Limit sugar and salt– it’s no secret that limiting sugar, salt, and carbs are the best way to eliminate excess weight. In order to get a smaller waist, you must drastically reduce sugar and salt. They can make you look and feel bloated, which is what you’re trying to prevent!

Side twists– do specific waist-slimming exercises. Side twists, planks, crunches are all great ways to target your waist. I am terrible about working out consistently. But, when I do workout, I focus on cardio and specific exercises that target my waist and stomach area.

Sweat bands– whether they actually work or not, I love wearing waist trainers. I like wearing mine while working out or cleaning up around the house. They help you sweat more in the mid-section, but aren’t a miracle worker! It’s more of a feel-good thing for me and is based on personal preference.

Other tips are not eating after 8pm, eating more fruits and vegetables, and of course drinking more water. You can find the sweat bands I like in my Amazon shop. Click here to take a look!


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